Why Doctor's Reccommend Nasal Aid

“Nasal dilators have been useful in patients having problems with nasal CPAP and either narrow nose due to collapse of lateral nasal valves and/or moderate deviated nasal septum. It may also helpful in association with allergic treatment in patients with enlarged nasal turbinates.” Dr. Christian Guilleminault, Stanford

"As the Director of the Craniofacial Pain / TMJ Clinic at White Memorial Medical Center, I am continually researching products to teach other health professionals how to improve their patient's quality of life. About 5 years ago I came across the Ultimate Nasal Dilator. I personally tried the device and found that it improved my nasal breathing during sleep. I believe that for me it is the best nasal breathing aid on the market today, and I continue to introduce it to my colleagues for its use with their patients who suffer from obstructions of the airway during sleep." Dr. Joseph Schames 

"The nasalaid dilator is quite an ingenious device. It fits into the nose easily and stays there during the entire night, keeping both nostrils open allowing for easy flow of air into the nose and then into the lungs. I never thought I would need a device--after all, I'm a young, healthy active woman doctor. But as I've gotten older, and put on a few pounds, it seems my nose closes during sleep and it gets difficult to take in enough air. I developed sleep apnea and had my tonsils removed but I continued to have breathing problems even after surgery. Then I started to use a vaporizer everynight but that hardly made a difference. Decongestants, nasal washes and nasal inhalations all made little difference. I tried breathing strips over my nose but they fell off and didn't seem to make a difference. I tried plastic wings that fit into the nose but they lose their shape and often fell out and got lost while I slept. Then l I found this device and that made all the difference. This device works perfectly. It keeps my nostrils open just enough to breathe easily and naturally all through the night. It's big enough and strong so that it doesn't fall out and doesn't get lost, like some of the flimsier devices do. It keeps its shape and I suspect it will last for months at least. I am not only using this device everynight but I'm also recommending it for my patients with breathing problems. Nasalaid--thank you!!! I love your product !" Dr.Paulette Mehta