Nasalaid Snoring Solution

Nasal Aids for Clinic

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Includes 50 Nasal Aids

Nasal Aid is an affordable, reusable, and adjustable nasal dilator

The patient simply adjusts the device to their nose and they will instantly be able to feel relief from nasal blockages.

National Sleep Foundation Product of the Year Nominee 2019

Fully Adjustable and Reusable for up to 6 months. Made From Medical Grade Stainless Steel and Comfort-Fit Silicone

Doctor/Dentist Recommended For:

  • Patients Waiting To Get Their CPAP
  • Patients That Are Travelling Without CPAP
  • Swollen Turbinates 
  • Flimsy Nostrils (Poor Nasal Patency)
  • Patients That Do Not Meet The AHI Requirement
  • Alternative to Nasal Sprays w/Steroids
  • In Conjunction W/ Oral Appliance

Give your patients instant access to an easy to use device that will instantly transform their breathing and sleep so that you can provide the best-in-class care every patient deserves.

How To Adjust The Device To The Patient's Nose