Nasal Aid, the smart way to think about snoring.

$49.99 Wash with soap and water, adjust, and reuse it for up to one year

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Pinch your nose in and try to breathe through your mouth.

This is what your breathing is like when you are asleep and snoring. Your nose is blocked and you are turning to mouth breathing. This is where the infamous snoring noise comes from. What we at Nasal Aid want to do is treat the underlying cause, nasal blockage. When we open the nose it becomes much easier to breathe and sleep.

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Clearer breathing, instantly.

Nasal Aid uses spring technology to gently open your nasal passages, helping you breathe better at night

Pinch in the ends like so in order to get a tighter fit!

Learning About Nasal Aid For Your Clinic

"As the Director of the Craniofacial Pain / TMJ Clinic at White Memorial Medical Center, I am continually researching products to teach other health professionals how to improve their patient's quality of life. About 5 years ago I came across Nasal Aid. I personally tried the device and found that it improved my nasal breathing during sleep. I believe that for me it is the best nasal breathing aid on the market today, and I continue to introduce it to my colleagues for its use with their patients who suffer from obstructions of the airway during sleep." Dr. Joseph Schames

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Founder Story

"I started Nasal Aid because I watched my dad suffer from severe nasal blockages that undermined his ability to get a good night's sleep for years. The inability to breathe well at night impacts all parts of our lives. My goal is to give people an easy to use product that can give them the relief they have been needing. Breathe better, sleep better, live better." Michelle Lovato, CEO Nasal Aid