NasalAid helps you have more energy throughout the day Breathe better at night and get better quality sleep. NasalAid is reusable and adjustable to your nose for ultimate comfort.

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NasalAid helps you breathe better at night and get better quality sleep.

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"NasalAid is for the snorers, the mouth breathers, and anyone who’s a little stuffed up." Featured in Goop's Better Sleep Plan

"Mute dilates the nasal passage improving airflow and reducing collapse of the pharynx. A similar device that I prefer is called "Nasalaid" and is available on line for a list price of $49. It is adjustable to your nose and desired degree of dilation and unlike Mute which has limited time of use can be good for up to a year. My patients seem to prefer how it feels as well." Founder, California Center for Sleep Disorders

Dr. Jerrold Kram

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

NasalAid helps you breathe through your nose so that you can breathe your best even while you're asleep. We use a spring tempered material to gently open the nasal passages for better airflow. With better nasal airflow you can sleep more peacefully and are less likely to snore/mouth breathe.

 Does it come in different sizes?

It comes in one size but it can be adjusted to your desired degree of dilation. If you need more help opening the nose you simply widen the device. You can adjust the device on a daily basis depending on your level of stuffiness.

 Do I need a prescription?

No, NasalAid is over the counter. We mainly work with physicians but anyone with trouble breathing well at night can try the device.

 Is it comfortable?

Yes! We use the softest medical grade silicone to create a cushion effect. 

 How far up your nose should it go?

The device should reach up into the upper half of your nasal passage. This is is where most of the nasal blockage happens.

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