Nasal Aid is Drug-Free Allergy & Congestion Relief

$49.99 Wash with soap and water, adjust, and reuse it for up to one year

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My Story

I started Nasal Aid because I watched my dad suffer from severe nasal blockages that undermined his ability to get a good night's sleep for years. This inability to breathe well at night impacts all parts of our lives. My goal is to give people an easy to use product that can give them the relief they have been needing. Breathe better, sleep better, live better.

Does This Sound Like You?

Other nasal dilators are uncomfortable.

"I have one nasal passage that is a little restricted, which would get my attention at times when I was sleeping. This became more pronounced as the night wore on and the passage would become more congested.I tried all kinds of passive nasal dilators, starting with the soft, rubbery kind and including plastic cylinders. The Nasal Aid has been a complete solution, allowing me to breath easily all night long. It is highly adjustable and remains useable for many months."

I have a deviated septum.

"For years I have had trouble sleeping because of a mildly deviated septum and the ravages of age which pretty much collapsed my right nostril at night. I’ve tried many solutions, some of which helped but never really corrected the problem. It took me a couple of nights to feel comfortable with the [nasal dilator], but I woke up this morning and realized I was breathing completely normally through both nostrils. It seems like a simple device, but it really does the job!"-Priscilla

"This really helps with my deviated septum at night. The bridge of it is a little narrow, but it stays put and is actually comfortable enough to wear multiple nights. I've tried many of the other kinds, and they both block the nose because of their bulk, and are painful after a while. Pleased to find this."

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How It Works

Nasal Aid uses spring technology to gently open your nasal passages, helping you breathe better at night

Pinch in the ends like so in order to get a tighter fit!

Customers are wearing Nasal Aid under their masks to breathe easier

Are you feeling claustrophobic under your mask? Try Nasal Aid to help open the nasal passages for better breathing.