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My wife and I have been using our Nasal Aid’s for 3-4 years. The Nasal Aids work beautifully and open up or nasal pathways enabling us to sleep comfortably on either side and on our backs. We have found these to be a great value as well as bringing excellent results. We also have an extra pair so we can take them and use them whenever we travel. We both use them every night and they show no signs of wearing out. I would recommend Nasal Aid to anyone searching for a greater opportunity to sleep better at night without the ongoing nose tapes and other devices that require high maintenance and continuing cost. This is a great product and I highly recommend it.

Robert Gelinas

I bought the NasalAid for my husband who has severe sleep apnea.  He has used it every night since we received it and has seen a vast improvement in his quality of sleep!  I’m so glad I purchased it.

Dani Askin

My mom wears them daily because after some surgery she needs support in her nose to breathe better.

Mo Hoppe

This is a great device helps with my snoring can't sleep without it

Todd Cook

Nasalaid is an enormous help in letting me breathe easier during sleep.

Laurie Burton

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