Improving the Human Design

NasalAid allows the nasal passages to remain unblocked while you sleep. Sustainable for up to one year. Adjust to YOUR unique nose.

Humans are happier when they can breathe through their nose.

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Sleep peacefully With Your Spouse

“It has been a saving grace in our relationship, in that the quality of my own sleep has increased substantially due to the lack of noise!”

Promote feelings of wellbeing

If you’ve been caught snoring or have just been a little stuffed up lately, it’s incredible what NasalAid can do. This little device physically holds open the nasal passages to allow better breathing while you sleep, which may reduce snoring and lead to better overall sleep quality. It’s reusable, adhesive-free, and made of thin spring-tempered steel wire that can be adjusted for your greatest comfort. Just press the free ends up your nose and doze off.

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