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Why NasalAid?

If you’ve been caught snoring or have just been a little stuffed up lately, it’s incredible what Nasal Aid can do. This little device physically holds open the nasal passages to allow better breathing while you sleep, which may reduce snoring and lead to better overall sleep quality. It’s reusable, adhesive-free, and made of thin spring-tempered steel wire that can be adjusted for your greatest comfort. Just press the free ends up your nose and doze off.

Commonly Asked Questions

How will NasalAid help me with snoring when snoring comes from the mouth? The noise of snoring does come from the mouth. Snoring, most of the time indicates that you are mouth breathing. Most people tend to mouth-breathe because they are not breathing well through their noses. NasalAid works by increasing nasal airflow and decreasing resistance.

How does it work? NasalAid helps you breathe through your nose so that you can breathe your best even while you're asleep. We use a spring tempered material to gently open the nasal passages for better airflow. With better nasal airflow you can sleep more peacefully and are less likely to snore.

Does it come in different sizes? It comes in one size but it can be adjusted to your desired degree of dilation. If you need more help opening the nose you simply widen the device. You can adjust the device on a daily basis depending on your level of stuffiness.

Do I need a prescription? No, NasalAid is over the counter. We mainly work with physicians but anyone with trouble breathing well at night can try the device.

Is it comfortable? Yes! We use the softest medical grade silicone to create a cushion effect.

Nasal Aid Reviews

Featured In Goop's 6-Point Plan For A Better Night's Sleep

"NasalAid is for the snorers, the mouth breathers, and anyone who’s a little stuffed up."

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100% Woman Owned Business

"I started NasalAid because I witnessed the struggles my dad experienced from not being able to breathe through his nose. He had developed severe sleep apnea and his tiredness seemed to only worsen over the years. NasalAid is a device that he originally created for himself and then I further developed it. I believe that breathing through our noses is what brings peace and energy to our lives. With NasalAid I would like to help those that always find themselves exhausted. We all deserve to feel energized!" Michelle Lovato

Sleep Doctor Reviews

"Mute dilates the nasal passage improving airflow and reducing collapse of the pharynx. A similar device that I prefer is called "Nasalaid" and is available on line for a list price of $49. It is adjustable to your nose and desired degree of dilation and unlike Mute which has limited time of use can be good for up to a year. My patients seem to prefer how it feels as well." Dr. Jerry Kram, Founder of California Center for Sleep Disorders

"As the Director of the Craniofacial Pain / TMJ Clinic at White Memorial Medical Center, I am continually researching products to teach other health professionals how to improve their patient's quality of life. About 5 years ago I came across Nasal Aid. I personally tried the device and found that it improved my nasal breathing during sleep. I believe that for me it is the best nasal breathing aid on the market today, and I continue to introduce it to my colleagues for its use with their patients who suffer from obstructions of the airway during sleep." Dr. Joseph Schames, White Memorial Medical Center’s Craniofacial Pain/TMJ Clinic

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NasalAid is and adjustable nasal dilator that can keep your nasal passages open while you sleep. This device is perfect for those that wake up with a dry mouth, have been told by someone that they snore, or wake up groggy every morning. NasalAid helps you wake up refreshed by helping you get better airflow in to the nose.