Nasalaid Replaces Nasal Strips

Nasalaid keeps the nose open, relieving nasal congestion and snoring. Breathe better instantly!

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Nasalaid Health Benefits

  • Snoring

    Snoring is a result of mouth breathing which is a result of nasal congestion! Nasalaid keeps the nose open so that you can breathe and not have to use your mouth, causing snoring. 

  • Stuffy Nose

    Nasalaid works great for cold & allergies as a Drug-Free alternative to nasal sprays and decongestants. Nasalaid uses Spring Technology to comfortably keep the nasal passages open at night for comfortable sleep!

  • Sleep

    Good quality sleep is marked by how well we can breathe through our nose. If you or your partner are suffering from congestion, snoring, or sleep apnea neither of you will be able to get the best quality sleep you could be getting.

  • Increased Energy

    Nasalaid helps keep the nose open while you sleep to prevent mouth breathing. We receive 20% more oxygenation when we breathe through our nose and not our mouths at night. Proper oxygenation means waking up rejuvenated and not still sleepy!

  • Athlete Recovery

    Nasal breathing plays a critical role in all sports. Turns out it is also crucial for sleep. How we breathe while we sleep determines how well our bodies are oxygenated. Better blood oxygenation means better tissue repair!

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How It Works

Featured Customer Story

"I've had Sleep APNEA for 25 years that I know of. Snore, constantly toss and turn, can't get through the night without waking. Wake up tired and drained with a headache and have a hard time getting through the day...I have tried several other gadgets, and all of them are a total waste of money, but then I found this: It's nothing but bent stainless steel wire, with insulator tips. It has totally changed my sleep and my life. Ever since I bought it, and figured out how to fit it to my nose correctly, I've been able to breath normally, and sleeping totally through every night. Sleeping longer hours, and my energy has increased throughout the day. It is truly remarkable. No glue, no rubber to wear out. No re-order. Simple." -Pat Marlin


I thought snoring came from the mouth not the nose?

Swollen tongue, adenoids, and tonsils that block the airway come from poor nasal breathing as an infant. We begin then learning how to breathe and this helps shape our airways. Sleeping is without snoring if nasal breathing is perfect. As we breathe more through our mouths, the more swollen the oral airway becomes. All snoring stems from the inability to breathe properly through the nose.

What if I don't know if I snore?

If you are not sure you snore, simply download the SleepScore app for free and it will tell you if you are snoring at night.

How does Nasalaid help with snoring?

Snoring's true root cause is the inability to breathe through the nose correctly. Those that snore tend to be mouth breathers in general. Mouth breathing is where the snoring comes from. 

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