Nominated for 2019 Sleep Product Of The Year by the National Sleep Foundation


Sleep Apnea Adjunct Therapy

Nasal Aid Snoring Solution




Nasal Aid is a long lasting, adjustable, and affordable nasal dilator.

Made of medical grade stainless steel with silicone tips for added comfort. 

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Sleep Product of the Year 2019 Nominee by the National Sleep Foundation

“Nasal dilators have been useful in patients having problems with nasal CPAP and either narrow nose due to collapse of lateral nasal valves and/or  moderate deviated nasal septum. It may also helpful in association with allergic treatment in patients with enlarged nasal turbinates.” Dr. Christian Guilleminault, Stanford

Nasal Aid prevents nasal valve collapse which 70% of OSA patients have. It is also a great solution for those that do not meet the AHI requirement. Currently nasal sprays are recommended for this problem but they are not a long term solution. This is also a great solution if a patient doesn't qualify for turbinate reduction surgery. Nasal Aid can be used under a CPAP; nasal or full mask to make it more comfortable

Nasal Aid is the easiest solution for patients suffering from OSA and snoring. They simply adjust the device to their nose and immediately experience improved airflow.

Currently Nasal Aid is helping thousands of people across the world breathe better at night. The device can be used to treat various conditions that stem from nasal breathing problems.

A way to test for this root problem is

The Kram-Flow Method:

Have the patient hold one nostril down and breathe in through nose.

Have them alternate nostrils so that you can see the integrity of the nasal walls.

If there is difficulty breathing in either nostril then the customer or patient is a perfect candidate for Nasal Aid.

Nasal Aid is a great solution for these patient concerns:

  • Low CPAP Adherence
  • Swollen Turbinates
  • Does Not Qualify For Surgery

 Increase Customer Satisfaction

Nasal Aid is a compliment to current treatment methods. It can be used to improve CPAP adherence and provides more comfort for the patient at night. Nasal Aid prevents the nasal walls from collapsing which also can help with pressure changes. Nasal Aid is also the perfect solution for those that do not meet AHI requirement. Oftentime the biggest problem seen to undermine current therapies are nasal congestion or poor nasal patency. Nasal Aid solves this problem instantly!

One device lasts years and so it can also save the patient money as well!

We have found that at least 40% of patients within offices that we work with are being recommended Nasal Aid. This includes patients with allergies or structural deficiencies. These traits are commonly found anywhere within the low to severe spectrum of sleep apnea patients.

We also found through surveying our customers that 9/10 feel their quality of life has improved and 8/10 partners/family members of customers say they snore less. We think that Nasal Aid can increase comfort for patients struggling with their airways at night. Nasal Aid's main goal is to ultimately make the sleeping experience more comfortable by ensuring, with a lightweight, easy to use device, that the nose stays open!

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